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2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP – W-BodyTech
//2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

W-BodyTech is proud to present a very unique Pontiac sent to us by Brandon Ghastin


  • Engine was fully rebuilt Summer of 2017
  • All new rod bearings, main bearings, and cam bearings from sealed power
  • New OEM pistons and end gaped new rings (for N20) first ring .023in second ring .025in
  • Custom cam grind 214/220 113 LSA .604 intake .604 exhaust. So nothing stupid huge but a good nitrous cam
  • BTR pushrods
  • BTR 660 double springs and retainers/ valve stem seals
  • LS7 lifters and LS2 trays
  • Comp cams rocker arm trunnion upgrade kit.
  • LS2 valley cover
  • Removed the PCV tube.
  • Tapped and plugged the PCV orifice with a bolt. A local machine shop Milled the boss for the OPSU flush with the valley.
  • Installed the Katech
  • 90 degree OPSU boss for clearances issues with the intake manifold
  • Advanced Induction re worked 243 heads 226cc package they offer using stock Valves
  • Ported CSP LS2 intake manifold – lopped off Vacuum ports at the back of the intake.
  • Tapped and plugged with RTV and flat head screws.
  • Stock fuel rail just used injector spacers to lift rail to clear manifold
  • LS2 injectors.
  • Accel ignition coils
  • ZZP 10mm plug wires
  • NGK BR6EF spark plugs colder heat range and copper core plug better for nitrous then iridium
  • LS7 MAF
  • LS2 MAP sensor
  • LS3 90mm gold blade Throttle body
  • Referenced and soldered the new connectors in with corresponding circuits


  • Doug Thorley headers
  • CAT delete straight pipe to a E cutout then back to 2 Magnaflow mufflers
  • AEM wideband installed for AFR Tuning


  • Nitrous Outlet Hardline WET plate kit for LS2
  • Nitrous Outlet Big Show Purge kit
  • Nitrous Outlet Winmax Window switch.
  • Now for nitrous spark timing retard. He didn’t want to spend a hole ton on a timing box, so he found a couple really cool write ups on a couple guys wiring a few relays to the IAT sensor, so when the master arm switch is off the PCM is seeing normal IAT’s. When you flip the master switch, PCM will see -40 degrees from a resistor that I have installed in that circuit with the relays. In my tune file column, he can take away whatever timing is needed when -40 is seen.
  • The Aeroforce scan gauge reads IAT. So as soon as the aeroforce reads -40 it means its safe and good to spray.


  • The original trans snapped a input shaft at the track when it only had Headers and a tune.
  • At that time, he didn’t think he was going to go all crazy with this so a GM goodwrench Certified Trans right from GM was installed
  • Since installed 10k was put on that trans, 100k mile warranty and it was pulled back out and torn down. clutch frictions and steels were all kept stock as it didn’t need a full rebuild.
  • A TEP upgraded input clutch pack set with 1 extra friction and 1 extra steel was installed
  • ZZP 300m Input shaft
  • 7/8 borg Warner 2.93 chain and gearset
  • sonnax billet 3rd clutch piston
  • TEP valve body spacer plate
  • Trans go shift kit
  • TEP 4in cooler kit
  • Stock converter.


  • Mostly stock.
  • Rear ZZP tubular trailing arms
  • canuck lowering springs (slotted struts to rid of ugly camber)
  • Moog sway bar links

Other Mods:

  • Tires Bridgestone Potenza SO-4 275/35/18 in the front 225/45/18 in rear
  • Inferno Hood
  • SE roof rails
  • The paint freshened up before it went away for winter
  • He just had a childhood best friend/hero pass away few months back and had a memorial airbrushed under the hood for him.

Future modifications:

  • Purge setup
  • A cleaner purge setup with a hidden braided line to make things look cleaner
  • Braided brake hoses
  • Poly dog bone bushings
  • Weight reduction
  • A/C Delete
  • Custom Compressor Pulley Delete
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