While searching for cars on Facebook market place, we came across a 2005 Grand Prix, the listing only had one photo and it was just a car under a car cover with the door open, no idea it was a Comp G or anything special.

The listing mentioned it had a bad head gasket which is what we been looking for since those are most commonly intake gaskets and easy fixes. After speaking to the seller on the phone he suggested we get a new engine for it as the head gasket is “really bad” little did i know that it in fact was not a head gasket but a little about that later.

Off we went to pick up the car, upon arrival i noticed the car itself was very clean for the price we paid for it. Fired up the car and heard how bad it sounded, was a lot more than a simple gasket however i was skeptical and figured i could get it running with a little work. The car started to spoke really bad out the tail pipe and that’s when i figured it was a lot more than a simple gasket and this was more serious.

We got the flatbed trailer in place and put the car in drive and up the trailer we went however it didn’t make it all the way up, for some reason the right axel was not seated properly in the hub and was grinding all the teeth off… So to push this car we did.

After a little help from the neighbors we got the car on the trailer, strapped down and ready to transport back to the headquarters. The following morning we got the car off the trailer and started to fix the suspension that was jacked up from the terrible axel install.

We had to remove the hub with the axel because it was jammed in there and the teeth were damaged however we had a 2002 GTP with a nice suspension setup, KYB struts and all, so we proceeded to remove the suspension and axles from the 2002 and swap them all over to the CompG. Upgraded the swap bar and bushings while everything was out too.

Brakes got upgraded with the swap so now this car had upgraded rotors, struts, sway bar and bushings, now off to see what is wrong with the engine.