Everyone has that one car that become the center of attention every now and then and for us it is the 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix CompG. While driving this car around the east coast it has gotten compliments and people asking about it, I ask myself at times why since to me it’s just another Pontiac however it does have its styling and sexy exhaust note to follow.

Today I seen the sunset and decided to take the car out for a little ride since it seen sitting for a few weeks now. I found a decent spot to snap a photo and when I got back in the car, I heard someone yell “Hey!”

I look to my left and there was a 2005 Minty white Pontiac Grand Prix GXP with the driver asking about the CompG. We got to talking about the cars and how we want more to add to the collection we have, while talking over the traffic that was passing by, trying to hear each other without getting out of the cars. I mentioned I had a big collection of these cars and when asked if I had any for sale, the quick answer is NO lol.

It is things like this that make me a proud owner of a W-Body, the attention one gets from a car that has a unique following and off the mainstream path.

Do you have a story about meeting people because of your car?