It has been a rough road with the 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix CompG…

This car has been nothing but issues from day one, first night of picking up the car and the axel was installed wrong and ruined the wheel bearing, the engine had 3 pistons with holes and god only knew what else this car needed.

I was going to build an engine for this car however things came up and I ran out of time, so I sourced a running engine and dropped it in the car. The first start the car ran horrible, we thought it had a bad tune or something, so we connected the tuner and it was 100% stock.

The car had a bad misfire so we swapped out the ignition system with one that we knew was working from another car and things cleared up… Long story short this car still has issues with misfires and other electrical problems.

Now we get to today, I went to the local junk yard to get some spare PCM’s for the 2005, while there I found a 2005 CompG, knowing how hard it is to find a good one let alone a transmission for one, I decided to pull the engine and trans with harness and PCM. I got this for a steal that I couldn’t be more happy with.

This new setup will be getting torn down and I will be tossing in my performance parts into this new setup, I will also be taking the new trans apart and adding the transgo kit along with new gaskets and solenoids and any other electrical parts I can replace while its open.

I will take the current CompG setup and tear it down once its out and do a fresh build on it as well and drop it into my spare CompG I have as well. I will get some videos on this process so I can document anything and everything.

If there is anything you want to know or want to comment on, please let me know below.

Thanks for reading